This is Newsadoo.

Our goal: To bring the attention of the readers back from Youtube, Tinder, Fortnite and the like to the events of the world. Due to long loading times of websites and an unmanageable amount of information, active news consumption loses relevance. As a solution to this problem, we offer our readers exciting news in just one service.

We are also pursuing a clear approach for Europe: The news ecosystem we are striving for must be in the hands of European publishers in the long term. Only this way it can be managed independently in the interests of readers and publishers. That's what we stand for.

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David Böhm

CEO & Founder


Johannes Knierzinger

Head of Partner Communication

Numerous advantages.

Together - instead of against each other - we want to shape the future of news consumption sustainably. Newsadoo is not only the international and borderless interface between publishers, but also a mediator between people and technology. A high-tech company that understands the media industry. That's why we offer partners the opportunity to monetize free and paid content. Publishers can easily manage KPIs via the dashboard - to keep track and guarantee success.

An initiative. From Europe. For the world.

What is particularly important to us? To create added value. For advertising partners and users, internationally. With Newsadoo, publishers strengthen their position in the market with proportionate sales and increased reach. Readers benefit from the diversity of sources in one place - for a news ecosystem of the future.


One business model.
Multiple pricing strategies.

Partners benefit in two ways from our business model - revenue is generated through switched advertising, subscriptions, or both. Publishers can be completely flexible in choosing the variant that best fits their strategy.


Exciting forms of advertising.

Clearly defined target groups - as an advantage. Hence, advertising can be placed where it is of interest. In this way, the maximum potential of each advertisement is exploited.


Trust. Cohesion.

It is important to have a partner you can trust. We have created this basis of trust with the leading media houses in several European countries. Our mission? A news ecosystem for the growth of the industry.


New possibilities.
Finally accessible.

In addition to the publisher's own readers, partners generate contact to completely new target groups with Newsadoo. Greater reach is guaranteed by the bundle function - opening up exciting perspectives for publishers.

Do you want to become our partner?

No matter whether you are a publisher or a blogger - we check individually whether you meet the standards and requirements and discuss the details of the partnership declaration with you personally.

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This project was funded by the federal government and the FFG within the framework of the AT:net programme.